Mel’s Diner 12/31/19

Beautiful day today for a nice little ride. 15 riders showed up to get in a few miles and one last ride before the new year rings in. Traffic was a little heavier than I’d like, but the food at Mel’s was as good as always and the laughs were as loud as ever. See you next year!

Smitty’s in Lockhart 12/27/19

Our lunch is better than your lunch …. 8 bikers enjoying Smitty’s. Best part is Carlos Santoyo bike is back in action thanks to H-D Woodlands team. Fog lifted as we pulled into Lockhart.

Goode BBQ 12/22/19

With temperature at 40 degrees when I left my house at 8:45 am and with Christmas only 3 days away, was not expecting a large group to show up for the ride. Was very surprised when I pulled into the Stripes at 9:00 am and there were already 6 members there ready to ride. By the time that the 10:00 am KSU time arrived, a total of 16 members on 16 bikes had arrived to ride with the HOG Family. At 10 am, three groups left the Stripes and enjoyed a cool and crisp 65 mile ride on some nice country roads with blue skies and bright sunshine. When we arrived at the destination, I heard some comments from some members about being cold. There may be some requests for heated gear being added to Christmas Wish Lists. Service was quick, the food was good, and everyone enjoyed the time with their fellow HOG members.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Pizza Ranch 12/15/19

Fantastic day for a ride, +80 degrees in December. I was concerned when 20 riders showed up as I did not call the restaurant ahead, never imagined this turnout. Anyhow, Pizza Shack served good food and as fast as you can ask for with a big group like this. The pizza was awesome, I’ll be back…

Chapter Meeting 12/14/19

Big Day Today! Excited to welcome 4 new members, our Ladies of Harley were recognized for their rides and volunteer efforts and received their Road Angel patches, Jick was the Birthday Trivia winner, and we had two lucky door prize winners…Doug Frazier and Stephen Coxe and Rudy was the lucky 50/50 winner. And last, but certainly not least, was the introduction of the new officers for 2020. Congratulations to our new Director, Phil Smith! Looking forward to a great year ahead! More details to follow in the newsletter…

2020 Officers!!! Thanks for volunteering!!