Message From the LOH Director

LOH – Ladies of Harley is designed to promote adventures from within our H.O.G. Chapter that both the men and ladies can participate in.

It is important to know that LOH members do NOT have to be motorcycle riders. You can simply be an enthusiastic passenger who is willing to participate a little or a lot, or a lady who enjoys the camaraderie, but prefers the stability of four wheels (cage).

An LOH lady can be any of the following:

HARLEY CHICK:  She rides her own bike.
HARLEY BABE:  She is a passenger on a bike and still enjoys the thrill of the ride.
HARLEY HONEY:  Provides support to all LOH ladies but prefers the stability of four wheels.

By joining LOH, you can be an integral part of creating activities, participating in travel and charitable events, where laughter is heard and everlasting friendships and memories are made. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Sandi Taylor
LOH Officer