Thirsty Parrot 3/15/20

Wow !!!!! What a turn out. We had 31 riders on 27 bikes for an easy laid-back ride to the Thristy Parrot. We dodged the rain getting there but couldn’t avoid it on the return trip. It was nice to see a couple of new faces and a returning face, Richard Bennett, welcome and welcome back.

March Chapter Meeting 3/14/20

No “social distancing” in this group! We had a great turnout for our March Meeting today, which also happens to be our Chapter’s 17th Birthday! There were lots of hugs and handshakes going around – as we always do!! And plenty of good info today, so I’ll recap here…Dave let us know about the Custom Bike Competition amongst his employees that’s going on at the dealership! These uniquely customized bikes are for sale!! Come check them out and own your own one-of-a kind creation!The dealership will be continuing their events as normal and several events are coming up – so check FB, our website, or the Newsletter for more info to be posted soon.We welcomed 3 new members today – Will Ashby, Chris Bailey and Ricardo Quan. Looking forward to riding with these guys!!Our Million $ Ride is coming up on April 25. KSU from Flying J. It’s an open ride, so invite your friends – they don’t have to ride a Harley, all are welcome.We had several sign-up sheets available for our vacation rides – Spring Ride May 23-30 to Memphis; Ride to Fenska’s in June; and the Hill Country Ride in October. More info about the Fall Ride to come. Get your rooms booked ASAP as they will go quickly!Several awards were given out today!! Congratulations to Debra Allee for 2019 Rider of the Year. We’ve missed her the last couple of meetings but were lucky enough to see her today!We have instituted new HOOT awards – for those obtaining 1, 10 or 25 rides, in addition to our 50/100/150/200/250/300. So today…drumroll please…the first ever ‘1’ awards went to Brian & Cindy Kellett, Don Yeary and Bo Phillips; ‘10’ awards went to Kelly Turner and John Anderson; ‘25’ to DJ Pittman; ‘50’ to Robert Casey, Rochelle Blosl and Roxio Morales; ‘200’ to Kenny Greer; and ‘250’ to Mike LaGarce.Three guys got their ACES today! Steve Coxe (10), David Smith(4); and Robert Casey (1)Three LOH ladies got their 2020 patch for at least 10 volunteer opportunities – Jen Bayuk, Carmen Johnson and Rhonda Smith.Congratulations to ALL award winners!Our Safety Officer, Chris Felt, gave us some great tips on tire safety – need to form a habit to check tires routinely…not just when you’re headed out on a long distance trip. More info on this will be posted on the website.Carlos announced our NEXT HOOT: Friday, March 20 at Burger Bourdeaux (off of FM 1488) at 6:30 p.m. He’s also putting together a Crawfish Boil for April 11, so be sure to sign up if interested so he can get a good headcount.Winners: Mike Wilson was the March Birthday winner; and Laryssa Leitz was the lucky 50/50 winner! Congrats to you both!See you on the road soon!

Tire Repair Class 3/14/20

Emergency Tire Repair – It’s better to practice now! Several chapter members are now familiar with tool considerations, effort required, and techniques that will keep you from being stranded. Thank you Dave for offering some “sacrificial tires” to practice skills.

I will testify how important these kits can be … mine saved me on a Utah interstate riding solo. 30min. Back on road to dealer. No vacation delay. There many options out there to carry on your bike. Snapped pictures/prices of the ones used today. It’s a personal choice. But $50 is MUCH cheaper and faster than waiting on a tow truck!

My personal advice:
Most repair kits do NOT have pliers. A pair of vice grips is essential to remove the nail/screw. Trust me. As we learned first hand, the T-handles work best for grip. It’s not easy to ream holes into radial tires. I prefer the “mushroom plugs” and there are different choices for caulk gun style or compact Allen wrench activation. The simple orange tacky strips works as well. Some kits come with CO2 cartridges for filling air into tire to offer compact packaging, but I prefer carrying the Harley Davidson compact compressor ($45 at our dealership). Let’s you have multiple fills or just use it to top up your tires. Sometimes you can simply add air and get to a dealer.

Last and most important! These patch kits are NEVER considered a permanent fix. Use them to get you off the road and into a dealer for new tire replacement soon. Don’t risk it! They work great but are considered a temporary solution. One more thing … if you have a kit … check it soon. Make sure your plugs/glue have not dried up.

Be safe! Keep the rubber down! Enjoy your ride, and I hope you paid attention to those members learning how to patch. It’s always good to have a friend in your group who can help in a pinch. Kenny Greer will always get you a beer and keep you laughing during your repair!

Bellville Meat Market 3/8/20

Fun ride today. Thanks Steve for a great ride and some fantastic BBQ. Steve wouldn’t let us have a bio break today so some of riders in the rear got wet. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂.

Hoffbrau House – Porter 3/7/20

26 riders on 26 bikes enjoyed a 100 mile ride to Hoffbrau in Porter today. Thanks to everyone who attended today’s ride, great turnout.

Ladies Only Garage Party 3/5/20