Mystery Ride 11/29/19

Mystery solved! 14 members came out to a who knows where we are going ride?? Some voted for turkey legs but they were overruled by those still suffering from tryptophan OD. Good thing someone else had a memory stick with a route to Papa’s on Lake Conroe – no turkey there!!

Good thing Mike LaGarce charged up Wilson’s bike for him before we headed out – not sure he would have lasted the full 66 miles!

The ride was not only a mystery but a bit misty as we passed through the National Forest on our way to a late lunch. The few drops of rain on the windshield did stop anyone from enjoying a ride on a warm late November day.

November HOOT Citizens Grill – 11/22/19

Ellen’s Cafe – Old Town Spring 11/24/19

C&J BBQ 11/23/19

Sunny ride to College Station with ten members. Started a little cold. Coffee and Donuts from Dave was an excellent morning welcome. Good food. Good friends. Bob’s college son knows when is time for free BBQ. Cold hands? Passed out hand warmers for dessert. I have not needed them since heated grips. Drop in your gloves on back of palm … trust me … it works. Carmen said I was chicken for not using her selfie stick. Dave to the rescue again.

Ronnie Lamb Memorial 11/8/19

We had 23 brothers and sisters of Ronnie Lamb on 21 bikes today. We drove through the angels tears to say our goodbye to our beloved brother Ronnie and to support Nettie. We arrived to find even more of our chapter’s members and friends there waiting. It’s not a ride we were looking forward to but it was an honor to do so. I want to thank all of you who came out to say goodbye today. I also want to especially thank Bill Knuteson for his eulogy. It painted a beautiful and true life of Ronnie .I have a feeling Jesus rides a Harley and Ronnie is sweeping.

Lone Star Rally 11/1/19

Great fun on the strand. Cold ride but a good ride. Plenty of sights to see on the strand. Some sights you don’t want to see.