10/26/19 Dayton Sports. Bar & Grill 50 degrees at launch time. We lifted off from the dealership toward planet Dayton at 10 am. Nine riders in two groups braved a 95 mile brisk ride up through the National Forest and made our approach to Dayton southbound on the 1008. The staff was friendly and the food was typical sports bar fest. EVERYONE, albeit a little chilly, had a great time. It is a real pleasure riding with friends and catching up on the latest news while sharing some laughs about past rides. There was even time for an afternoon nap before our beloved Astros teach the Nats how to play some Tejas baseball.

10/17-20/19 Hill Country Ride 17 riders had a fantastic trip to the TX Hill Country. We stayed in Fredericksburg and explored many of the area sights including riding the 3 sisters, Frio Motorcycle Shop, Bent Rim Grill, Lone Star Motorcycle Museum, and the Antique Motorcycle Show in Luckenbach. The evenings brought some great meals and an entertaining night of cards on the hotel patio. Many thanks to Phil & Tanya Smith for organizing and providing some great routes.

10/20/19 Fish Pond – Willis We had 9 riders to enjoy this beautiful morning for a ride to Willis and fill our bellies with the scrumptious food at Fish Pond. It was a short ride so we were able to get home and cheer on the Texans……..AND……..LET’S GO ASTROS.

10/13/19 Las Fuentes Mexican – Somerville 11 bikers put their faith In the rookie to enjoy a nice route, weather, and food. We got to welcome Sam, a guest with Carolyn joining today’s ride. Sweeping turns, massive ranches, plenty of cows, road kills, and a “rack” which made you double-take. Those big wood chairs as Las Fuentes are very top heavy. New place worked out Okay. Lots of empty plates. Zero complaints.

Our veteran officers had good fun reminding me how much they truly care about our chapter members. We aren’t always the easiest bunch to keep organized. … It’s a job of service to make safe rides and friendships happen. I was glad to be on the road after that rowdy bunch tried to change routes, confuse me, give conflicting feedback, arm chair quarterbacks, false traditions, and reminders for pee breaks on 100mi rides.

Biggest test of the ride … left 1488 … left a group at a light. I was quite happy to see those bikes catch up. Turns out they weren’t our crew. All Harley headlights look similar. No idea how the officers pulled that one off to confuse me.

10/12/19 October Chapter meeting at the Dealership! Thanks to Dave Forkner and staff for the hospitality, a great breakfast — biscuits and gravy — and some fun $$ Door Prizes $$, and then lunch, too!

If you didn’t make it to the meeting, watch for the newsletter for upcoming events and our latest award winners – we had lots of Road Hogs, HOOT riders and ACE’s! October was a busy month for birthdays, too!

Dig out your best chili recipe…we’ve been given a pretty stiff challenge to beat Dave’s award winning chili in a cook-off next month. Winner gets reimbursed for their ingredients, and braggin’ rights, of course!

10/6/19 Whistle Stop – Livingston 13 bikes/13 riders met this morning to head to the Whistle Stop in Livingston. Even with KSU at 10:00 the weather was very pleasant. We rode 88 miles for an enjoyable ride. Lunch was served very quickly and as always spending time with our fellow brothers and sisters of our HOG family makes for a wonderful time.